The Choice is ours Solely

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Anoucheka deals with the deeper issues of life and Karmic cycles in this poignant verse exclusively for .

The way we live our lives is up to us

Whether we do to be all high on morals

Or we do wish to sink into that which is prohibited

Whichever, our lives belong to us

None does have the right to point a finger

None does have the right to raise their voice

None does have the right to question

And even make hateful judgements

For our breath is guided by the pull of our intuition

Our intuition is guided by the course of the

The wind, in turn, is guided by its Maker

The One to rule this world

The One to rule us all

Irrespective of the name that we do give to

Our path has already been decided before we step on

Our path has been shaped by our past actions

Yes, we all do reap what we have sown

So we are all free to walk our path the way we deem right

None does have the right to glance at us and raise an eyebrow       

None, for we all are struggling to put up a cheery image 

One which says that we do believe in life’s perfection

And of course, in our own excellence

The only thing that matters

Is that love should be in us

Immersing our hearts

Submerging our inner consciousness

Engulfing our souls

Making up our whole system

Yes, it is the only thing that does matter

For we do walk our paths, yes, we do

But of our aims, we do only philosophise

Of the Truth we do have still no proof!

We should walk, yes, while keeping our gaze fixed ahead

But we should know that we do have choices

And though none does have the right to criticize

Our choice to act as we do wish is being

Such is our belief’s philosophy,

Yes, we are all being monitored

Somewhere, someplace, by an unknown unearthly power!

©Anoucheka Sweety Gangabissoon

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Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a primary school educator in Mauritius.She writes poems and short stories on a wide range of subjects.She publishes regularly on online poetry sites and manages her own poetry blog.She has published a collection of poems in print, in her country, titled “Awakened Fancies.”
Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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