The Blue Whale Game

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Rakhi revisits the Whale and its sheer madness. She ends on a hopeful and positive note, in this verse, in Different Truths.

I know their name

But they don’t know my name

Still they play with me

The deadliest game


They draw my tattoo

And begin the game

I give them the tasks

With some to play

And they obey me

A trap in which they fall prey


Yes, I am the deadliest game

The Blue Whale Game


There are lies

There are lethal challenges

There is cheating

There is loneliness

There is depression

There is death

So I don’t want now

To be this game


Can someone, please,

the of game

Where there is laughter

There is joy

There is love

There is compassion

There is bliss

There is endurance


I want to be a colourful game

The Rainbow Game!

©Rakhi Surendra Kankane

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