That Divine Light

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Here’s a , by Arun, on . The asks us to light the of divinity, within us, in .

Light not just these mortal lamps,

Ceasing the search for the Light

That ignites your divinity.


These blinding

Amidst deafening decibels

May elbow you into

An infinite darkness

With no access to the Light

That enlightens your inner self.


Own, therefore, the ordeals

Beyond the

To expend this human

Seeking the sublime sparks

Of the Light that alone can

Lend your human

An eternal luminescence,

Inciting an urge within

To merge with the Soul Divine.

©Arun Dash

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Arun Dash

Arun Dash

Arun Dash works as a Senior Technical Author for AVEVA India based in Hyderabad. An alumnus of the prestigious Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, he keeps an active interest in literature and is an avid blogger.
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