Sunset to Moonshine

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A poignant love poem of two lovers crossing each other in different boats. The metaphors of nature, of and moonlit sky add to this verse, by Nilakshi, for Different Truths.

In the yellowing time
Of the sunset sky
It’s easier somehow
To see life by.
I can see our boats
Glide along the sea.
The years gone by  … 
The sun-tossed beaches 
The honey coloured sky 
In one boat, you, 
In the other, I.

That one last look 
As the boats cross by 
Never to meet
Nor know nor try….

The oceans in my chest
Do heave and ply 
They cause that havoc 
Which darkens your sky 
You toss, lament… but 
As the years go by 
I become that spectre 
You’d never hold nigh.  
Would seek …desire 
Never know, never try.
In the mellowed sunset 
Do I see you cry?
Wipe those  
Wipe those years 
Take the oars in your hands 
And maybe try
Ply them…. Ply…
Come rowing to me,
In the moonlit sky.

©Nilakshi Roy

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Nilakshi Roy

Nilakshi Roy

Dr. Nilakshi Roy, an Associate Professor, of English, at Vaze College, is an academic writer and writes poetry for . Her other writing is chiefly on saris, published in and The Ladies Finger.
Nilakshi Roy

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