Submission to Life

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In this poem, Anoucheka, moves from the mundane, world of everyday existence, over which we have little control. She explores the higher meanings of life, of God and consciousness, exclusively in Different Truths.

If we were all to choose the courses of our lives
If we were all to choose our births
Our fates
Our future
Even our after lives
Would we have fallen in love with our existence?

If we could have chosen our traits
Our features
Our eye colour
Our hair length
Even our death time
Would we have deemed life as being simpler?
More practical
More convenient
Suited to our specifications?

But then
We cannot
We come on Earth through mysterious processes
We come on Earth,
Ready and having no option
Other than accepting our bestowed due!
We come on Earth
Needing to learn, or to re-learn
For we have forgotten about where we come from!

We come on Earth
Accepting the uncertainty of life
Like everything else in this world
We will fight for ourselves
Irrespective of what is to come next!

We are not Gods
We are not meant to rule over ourselves
We are meant, rather
To use our elevated consciousness
To realise our inner potential
To make our choices pertaining to what we have already been offered
And of course
To hope
And aspire
Of someday, being with the Gods!

We are mere particles of dust
We are mere seeds emanating from the power of creation
We are pulled
We are to let ourselves be pulled
We cannot decide
We only have to abide!

©Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a primary school educator in Mauritius. She writes poems and short stories on a wide range of subjects. She publishes regularly on online poetry sites and manages her own poetry blog. She has published a collection of poems in print, in her country, titled “Awakened Fancies.”