Steal a Glance at the Sky

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Here’s Martins’ nature poem and his invocation to the Sun, in this poem that operates at many layers, for Different Truths.

Hey, look up
see the sun sitting still on the cloudy sky
flaring on the days of worry
and slitting through the sky; eyeballing on the earth
with a beautiful smile
and then gyring on the placid sky

Hey, look up,
the sun is still sitting still on the sky as the cloudburst withdrew
like a bat that must flinch In flinch from the morning-rosette.
all you who draw hot tears
from its sad face
all you who draw sword
against your neighbour
all you who feed fat on bloody wars Look at the gyring sun;
sunny, while rain drizzled the earth
and unmoved by the cloudburst:
It glisters all day in serenity
and bring harvest to men.

©Martins Tomisin

Photos from the Internet.

Martins started writing poems at the age of 18. HIs first poem was titled ”My journey of life” which rationalised about the journey of Man till his last breath. He is a karate instructor living in Lagos, Nigeria.