Small Things that make Heaven

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This poem, writes Neelam, came to her as an inspiration in tumult time of Cauvery Water issue, which led to the outbreak of violence and arson, disrupting peace and security at large.

When you breathe on a flower

however slow, it takes another eternity

to remember the fragrant moist of rain

or you promise a pact of trust

in shadow and seasons to watch

the bloom, never again drought or wind.

You let small grains shift at base

so it could stand much stronger,

much longer for both of you.

Small things that make heaven

can’t be easily forgotten or

taken for ride, needs patience for time.

©Neelam Dadhwal

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Neelam Dadhwal is a poet from Chandigarh, India. She has recently authored, ‘Footprints’, which deals with aspects of womanhood. Her poems has been published in Readomania, Indian Poetry Review, Literary Yard, Kritya, Muse India. The Unknown Pen and anthologies on women international, peace and humanity. She blogs at Prism of Joy.