Sisterhood Beyond Borders-II

Urooj Murtaza

Urooj Murtaza

Urooj Murtaza currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a 38-year-old stay at home . She did her masters in International Relations from the University of karachi. She started working much before completing her intermediate, i.e Grade 12th. She worked with different prestigious institutions along with few banks. She has a for writing; it helps her go on in .
Urooj Murtaza

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Urooj and Ipsita found each other through poetry and discovered a deep bond, an inexplicable affinity and affection resulting in a  bond beyond borders. They came together in sisterhood, melting geographical distances Karachi and Kolkata. A unique experiment in creative jugalbandi.

To Ipsita from Urooj

She is a human home…
Beautiful as the whites of jasmine…
Or the purples of artichoke…
The sweetness of rasgullas
All mixed in her
Thousands of flowers bloom
When she speaks the language of love…
The softness of her eyes
Reminds me of

She always finds the light                                               
To smile under the blankets of hurt!
Her life is folded like origami…
Crease by crease she carries the stories…
And beyond the borders
She holds my hands
For the yesterdays that are gone
And tomorrows that are unpromised
The unlived dreams
And for the unsung songs
She promises her presence…

After so many years
When our hair turns grey
And the skin in wrinkled
Our knees go feeble
And the smiles will fade on our lips…
I imagine us
In a home somewhere in Kolkata…
Under the dreams drizzling from the skies…
I promise to wipe your tears…
And make you smile…
When no one else would!

©Urooj Murtaza

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