Sisterhood Beyond Borders-I

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Ipsita and Urooj found each other through poetry and discovered a deep bond, an inexplicable affinity and affection resulting in a  bond . They came together in sisterhood, melting geographical distances Kolkata and Karachi. A unique experiment in creative jugalbandi.

To Urooj from Ipsita

A drop of rain falls
On my palm,
I press it to my lips
And blow a kiss to you
Dear Sister~
My gesture carried through
The zillion particles
That float between us…

Dust~ grime ~ pollution
Thronging in the air,
Creating a heavy curtain
Shades of mistrust
Stitched by man…

And yet, my kiss in the air
Floats like feather,
From the banks of my
Flowing with the stream
Of sunshine.
Crossing borders
And moving beyond.
Settling on a rose petal
That reaches you
And you raise that petal
To your lips
And kiss it

And wafting ties
Between two
Sisters, not of
But of .

©Ipsita Ganguli

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Ipsita Ganguli

Ipsita Ganguli

A Hotelier by profession who believes in offering memories to her guests~and the charm of being a tiny part of the stories of their lives. A student of the myriad experiences that life holds out and believing that there is never any stop to learning. Above all, A people’s person relishing a connect with a variety of lives. Ipsita writes because She Must. Because there is no other way for her.
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