Santosh talks about the many shades and hues of a woman. Here’s her poem on World Poetry Day.

Ah she comes, she comes, a song she hums

Rising above the cacophony of war

How she loves to change dresses and masks

This fashionista deftly performing myriad tasks.


She is the arrow plummeting through the forest.

Hugging many an explosive to her

The swish of the wind galloping through the trees

Misty and mesmerizingly , at times a .


She morphs into a rain cloud ready to burst

Rearing to quench a parched throat’s thirst

She dies as the last candle in the shepherd’s shack

And then as the rustle of the leaves is again back.


To take a soaring flight to the snow-sheathed peak

Perhaps from its some solace to seek?

At times precariously perched on a gypsy woman’s stove

Sometimes pirouetting with a sunray on a chunk of fresh snow.


Morphing into a verse, pricking sensibilities dodoesque

She is the rhythmic linear pattern in a arabesque.

Emerging from the shadows, in multi- hued dresses attired

At times, on cat feet, she romps around, feisty and untired.

Flying on wings of whimsicality, she comes, she goes.

She is my imagination, embracing both friends and foes.

Stealthily, she creeps inside a beggar woman’s sigh

And then is all a quiver in a mother’s final goodbye.

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Different Truths wishes Happy World Poetry Day to all its readers. On this occasion, we present works of five poets. Our celebrated poets are: Dr Ampat V. Koshy, Santosh Bakaya, Joyce Yarrow, Prof. Smita Agarwal and Anumita Chatterjee Roy.
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Santosh Bakaya

Santosh Bakaya

Widely published, Santosh Bakaya wrote three mystery novels, 'The Mystery of the Relic', 'The Mystery of the Jhalana Fort' and 'The Mystery of the Pine Cottage'. 'Ballad of Bapu' is a poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi. She received the International Reuel Award for writing and literature 2014, for her long poem 'Oh Hark!' It’s part of the 'Significant Anthology'. Santosh is an educationist, poet and . She celebrates the extraordinariness in the ordinary people. She has a doctorate in Political Theory. Hailing from Kashmir, she stays in Jaipur, India, with her husband and college going .
Santosh Bakaya

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