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An evocative poem about pain and transcending it, by Elsy, exclusively for Different Truths.


everyone has scars,

one, or many,

mild, or deep,


or nature made.


These scars,

like stars,

hardly visible

in daylight,

begin to light up,

at the fading of the light.


While being branded with scars,

one feels stampeded

in the fire pits

of the netherworld.


Those with real fire

inside them, rise out

of the flaming pits of fire,

like the mythical Phoenix.


They can smile in pride

at the phoenix in them,

surfacing, like gold,

purified through fire.


Later, these scars

become stars,

affixed to the uniform

of the soldiers in their souls.


It is for us, only us,

to choose, whether to ash out

in the pit of raging fire,

or to emerge, purified,

like a phoenix in gold.

©Elsy Satheesan

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  1. sindhu 9 months ago

    Beautifullly expressed maam. I can feel the pain as if it is tangible.

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