Save the Women…

A woman-centric poem where a hapless rape victim becomes a saviour of the weak and the feeble, by Sarala, in Different Truths.

Far away in that distant valley

A feeble cry of a young girl heard

The beautiful valley has witnessed

A lovely petite looking girl being raped

By an uncouth merciless gang

No one dares go near

As they are ready to shoot all!

She cries in pain!

They sit by her side

And drink to their heart’s content

Looking for another go

She pleads with folded hands

Leave me alone take me

To the hospital, I am in pain!

They laugh at her plea

Slapping her left and right

Till she fell unconscious!

They hear a police van approaching

Hiding behind the bushes

They fire at the policemen

Little knowing behind them

Was a group of officials

Ready to put handcuffs and shackles

On them at the gun point

They surrendered!

The van carried the body of the girl

To the hospital where she was treated!

She returns home with full vigour

Always went out with a revolver

Swearing she will stop this

Atrocities against women!

She walks with no fear

Always hissing like a cobra

Spitting venom

She became the talk of the town

She was given a high post

By the government

With securities which she turned down!

I am capable of tackling the situation

She hisses!

She roars like a lioness!

Every evening she is on a round

To see that the girls on the road

Are safe, giving them a pat on their back!

©Sarala Balachandran

Photos from the internet.

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