Rantings of my Heart

An evocative protest poem, where Anoucheka and her heart converse about a cruel world, for Different Truths.

Tell me, urged my heart
Tell me why the world is so cruel

Wars wave their mighty flags at us
Poverty pulses proudly
Crimes carry their own grim smiles
Diseases scare death away
Rights riot against the repressed
Love loses its integrity

Tell me
Urged my heart
Why does everyone consider
Their lives to be a blessing?

Pray, heart,
Whispers my soul
Be quiet
Open your windows to accept life
Open your windows to share of your compassion
If the rest of the world suffers
Tend to them
Help heal them
And dry their tears
Ease their bruises
Learn to live with submission
Submission which you can turn into
A lavish celebration
That of life and its own power over us!

Ok sighed my heart!
Ok, I shall do as you do will!

©Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Photos from the internet.

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