Poetry: A Bird with Gossamer Wings!

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Sunita pens a verse about , which she likens to a bird, in Truths.

Poetry is my haven,

My resting place,

My den to escape from the humdrum, the ordinary,


A beautiful bird with

Taking me to a sunlit garden of multi-hued blossoms;

Where the voices and sounds cannot distract me,

Cannot weaken me


Where the heart is like a balloon

Floating high in the sky,

Where my head is clear

like the turquoise waters of a silent stream –

where pebbles of all shapes and colours lie,


Where the star-spangled flag of the skies

Stretches endlessly,

Where the clouds dance to the music of the moon-

unheard by any,


Where the heady fragrance of the dewy ,

Casts a silvery ,

Where the carpet has no doors,

Boundless and limitless – it meanders


Where nurturing sleep is a bower, a cocoon –

Which rejuvenates and refreshes to create –

A better version of ‘Me’! 

© Sunita Singh  

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Sunita Singh

Sunita Singh

Sunita Singh was born and brought up in Allahabad, India. After she got married and moved to Delhi, she worked in a Computer Software and
Training Company. Later, she opted to become a stay-at- home parent to look after her two sons. Even during this period, she continued taking private English and Communication classes at home. Writing poems was always a passion but it is only recently that she has started sharing her writings in public. She writes in both- English as well as Hindi. In fact, she has written the lyrics of 2 songs for a private album. She stays in Delhi with her husband and two sons. She loves travelling, music, reading and finds inspiration from nature.
Sunita Singh

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