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A poetic dialogue by Maya about the clandestine life in the post-social site world. The kiss-and-tell truth of the now , where lust is not only lived but flaunted too. Exposing the harsh realities of the contemporary times, for .

“You know what?”


“I slept with a tycoon last night!”

“Don’t tell me!”


“How did you manage?”

page, my darlings!”

“He contacted you? You hunted?”

“Shhh! An easy catch. My brother in law.”

“Khool! Party tonight?”

“Not tonight. Need to stretch my limbs. Couldn’t sleep a wink.”

“Had fun, no?”

“Yes. He was driven and .”

“Your sister’s made you a fat cat in just one night!”

“Was here for some official meeting. Would be back soon. Wants me to pose the same fire ball on the couch again.” (Giggles).

“Gosh! He’s brutally demanding!” (Nudges and tsks tsks!).

Her sexy pout is rendered sexier by the silver nose seeming to kiss it.

“Ooh!! We are having goose bumps you know!”

“Given that life is so short and fragile….Let’s extract the most out of every breath, every fleeting moment. What’s there in the thing called honour? A mere s.i.x.l.e.t.t.e.r.w.o.r.d.”

“What was the size?” asks the bosom friend, her super huge chandelier earrings dancing with  .

“Don’t talk of the size. Talk about the prize…shhhh!”

More giggles…

©Maya Khandelwal

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Maya Khandelwal

Maya Khandelwal

Maya, happily married to writing, is a published author of three - My favourite Mistake Ever, Just Zindagi and A Beautiful Mistake. She’s alsoco-authored I Am a Woman, a tribute to Kamala Das. She’s been a regular contributor at blogsand e- magazines like Womanatics, Bonbology, Learning and Creativity etc. A passionate lover of nature, she can commune with it for hours. Nature, in its various guises, enthrals her.
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