Pearl Figures

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Various things in our lives are given that we cannot escape. Embedded in this reality, Elsy creates a magic with a wand to get the ’s perals, in this , in Different Truths.

The irritant that beds by force
in the downy of the
cannot be wished or washed away

No wizardry can whisk it off.

Loafed it cannot be,
whole it chooses to be.

Crushed it cannot be,
cautious it stays to be.

It is wedged in,
not to be lodged out.

It is a lode stone,
cannot be unloaded.

The sole ploy to rein it in,
calls for magical spell.

Kneel to the ruffle
with wand in lotus hands.

weave it thrice around the ,
thrice to the right,
thrice to the left,
all thrice with real grit.

The irritant fades,
the pearl figures.

This is what an oyster does,
and an awesome poet too.

We get pearls and poet pearls
with the right sand of disquiet!

©Elsy Satheesan


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Elsy Satheesan

Elsy Satheesan

Elsy Satheesan is a retired Professor of English. She had been teaching in colleges under the Govt. of Kerala, India. Currently, she resides in Virginia, USA. ‘Random Musings’ is her first volume of poems. ‘Summer Snow’, is the forthcoming one. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies. Short stories in Malayalam have been published in weekly and fortnightly, in Kerala. Humanity is her religion, and poetry, her passion.
Elsy Satheesan

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