The agony of an aged mother being sent to an old age home has been poignantly captured in verse, by Sarala, in Different Truths.

Oh God how I cried to see that old lady being pushed into the old age home by her own children five

She cried and pleased please have a heart I gave you birth, with my labour I brought you up with my little means when I went hungry throughout the night!

With a smile on my face and pangs of hunger I get up made your rotis and curry

And I just had the leftovers from your plates!

I again in the morning go to the building site carrying bricks on my head!

Oh no! Take me back home where I will obey your rules and eat whatever I get, but please have a heart and take me home!

They bothered the least and went away happily!

I  couldn’t contain my tears I went up to her with a smile and asked her to accompany me to my house where I stay with my wife and kids!

She cried, this time with happiness, I dried her tears and took her home!

My pain of losing my own mother a few years back now eased a bit as I got a sweet mother now and I was happy to see her smile!

©Sarala Balachandran

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