Our Lords and Masters

A hard-hitting by Nigerian poet, Olaitan.

They chorus with their tongues
Beneath their jaws:

‘We will fight
For your

Behind covered doors,
They scrabble our pains,
Unclad the nudity 
Of our sufferings.

Every morning, 
Our ears taste 
The noise of their chatters.
Behind curtains are their manifestos
Harvested, sieved, cooked, fried 
And served to us;
To fill our  stomachs
With their doom.

When night falls,
They weave us together
With our women and .
Put us in a bowl,
To tell us the tales 
Of ‘once upon a time…’

Our ears thirst 
For the

©Olaitan Maryam

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Olaitan Maryam

Olaitan Maryam

Olaitan is a Nigerian. She is also a Student, Blogger, Sales Representative, Poet, Writer and an Essayist. Some of her poems have been published in anthologies, on webzines and blogs.
Olaitan Maryam

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