Origin… Rise of a New Dawn

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The flow of a river, a day and life poignantly celebrated in verse by Geethanjali, for Different Truths.

A overpowering sprawls lofty where life dizzies in a whiteout,
Ice blue opal reflected from the splinter into a million Suns and there cascades life,
In her prime where all of the creation clings like salty barnacles to driftwood,
A journey so turbulent and bounding in solitude like sin,
But she gallops with her frothy mane to the light,
Brimming with pride in her purity and fertility,
Till desire touches her bare skin as she ripples,
Bare arms that sprout as evergreens and soon hamlets thrive, to become kingdoms,
On she flows relentlessly carrying life wriggling,
As progeny in her waters, spawn lies and facts through her history,
So much blood spilled along her odyssey but she won’t pay heed,
For the sunrise and sunset colours her too, scarlet, saffron, and rose!
Old wine she flows to intoxicate the learned and wise alike,
The fool and the dunce too,
As reeds nod in acknowledgment of her inadvertent crimes,
Sages and apostles, thinkers and the self-realised never
the origin of the river nor her resourcefulness,
For they too offer oblations as atonement to their wrongdoings,
As Messiahs and Buddhas teach them the of truths and untruths,
And in oil lamps and eternal light poets scribe epics and scriptures of civilisations that lived, won and lost,
As a dawn plays midwife to a melting pot of cultures that we call races,
Oh river of life!
There you go rushing to the sea to redeem yourself,
While an avalanche of new thoughts come down like revolution,
To rewrite facts as truth that remains mute,
Till Gods and inscribe destiny that man claims to be self-written!
But by now the river has become a cloud that doesn’t really care, having cleansed herself from her escapades,
Only to pour down as original rain!

“In our quest for origin and nativity, we forget we are first.”

©Geethanjali Dilip ‘Geeth’

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Geethanjali Dilip celebrates life through her soul’s expression in poetry. Her first published anthology is ‘Between Moms and Sons’ co-authored with Aakash Sagar. She contributes poems to many online pages and communities in Facebook. Her pages on Facebook are Alcove ATMA and Geethatmaa. She heads Zone Francofone, a French Coaching/ Teaching center at Salem, India.