Once I met Life

A poignant by Shernaz.

During the passage from birth to date
I once encountered Life on the way
She beckoned. Urged me to engage in the moment
I ignored. Hummed and traipsed to my whiny tune,
dreamt and rued, planned and failed, sought and lost.

I darted around in the wings; left now, then to the
Through one door that said ‘Past’; to another
that opened into a void I could not fathom…
unborn, unmanifest, uncertain ‘Future’

Steadfast, compassionate, she lets her gifts flow to me…
A bit of pain, some , heartbreaks and betrayals
Joys and opportunities, laughter and friendship

Seemingly impervious to my see-saw antics
She waits. Endlessly. In the ‘Here and Now’
I sidestepped, hungry for , as she waited.

I met Life but did not heed her wise counsel
I let her pass me by while I am still !

©Shernaz Wadia

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Shernaz Wadia

Shernaz Wadia

To Shernaz Wadia, and writing poems has been one of the means to embark on an inward . She hopes her words will bring peace, hope and light into dark corners. Her poems have been published in many e-journals and anthologies. She has published her own book of poems "Whispers of the Soul" and another titled "Tapestry Poetry - A Fusion of Two " with her poetry partner Avril Meallem.
Shernaz Wadia

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