On my Darling’s Cheekbones

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A love poem by Martins, where he likens her to the intoxication of , for .

I see on her cream, fleshy cheekbones
a pellucid  glimmers
like of a pink rose
that harmonise with her .
I see in her a full moon love
which pops up in the welkin.
Her love flicking in the gyring time Her love beyond the heftiness
of her husky thigh:
it never fade under the full-fledged sun.

I feel too,
a full touch of her love
like a gourd fully with Palm-wine.

©Martins Tomisin

Photo from the internet.

Martins Tommyson

Martins Tommyson

Martins started writing poems at the age of 18. HIs first poem was titled ''My journey of life'' which rationalised about the journey of Man till his last breath. He is a karate instructor living in Lagos, Nigeria.
Martins Tommyson

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