Nourishing Night

Here’s a poem, by Arun, in the tradition of the Romantics, wherein the poet’s love for the night, in Different Truths, is invigorating.

The myriad conversations

I hold with you, amidst

Howling of jackals,

Croaking of toads,

Whispering of the wind,

Tell you of my day’s tale,

Pleasant or not so.


The growing moon’s hide-and-seek

From behind dark clouds – a visual treat,

The gust of soothing breeze

Comforting my humid face,

Come in as your thoughtful responses

To my wearied soul.


The unperturbed lull

That you nourish, Dear Night,

With incorrigible diligence,

Serves a panacea to my stressed self,

Infusing hope into it

To welcome the new dawn.

©Arun Dash

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