Nourishing Night

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Here’s a poem, by Arun, in the of the Romantics, wherein the poet’s love for the night, in Different Truths, is invigorating.

The myriad conversations

I hold with you, amidst

Howling of jackals,

Croaking of toads,

Whispering of the wind,

Tell you of my day’s tale,

Pleasant or not so.


The growing moon’s hide-and-seek

From behind dark clouds – a visual treat,

The gust of soothing

Comforting my humid face,

Come in as your thoughtful responses

To my wearied .


The unperturbed lull

That you nourish, Dear Night,

With incorrigible diligence,

Serves a panacea to my stressed self,

Infusing hope into it

To the new dawn.

©Arun Dash

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Arun Dash

Arun Dash

Arun Dash works as a Senior Technical Author for AVEVA India based in Hyderabad. An alumnus of the prestigious Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, he keeps an active interest in literature and is an avid blogger.
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