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A sensuous poem of passion and love by Monika, for Different Truths.

Strip me naked of my guard
Accept me as a retard
Look me in the eyes in silence
Beckon me into forever dalliance

Don’t be afraid to cry, burn
I promise I’ll take the next turn

Let’s undress in calm movements
Let’s take in the stinks, the scents
It’s an art, a blessing so scared
Let’s rejoice in being naked

Embrace me closest, so tight man
Kiss me divine, as hard as you can
Let’s engulf with passion in love
Hide me inside you, from above

Move your fingers all over me
Like the shore touches the sea

With those whispers in my ears
Wet Me in your love, come near
Let this moment leave us sedated
Let’s rejoice in being naked.

©Monika Arora ‘mia’

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“Words are living thing – I believe,” she lives by this idea about life. Monika Arora is a central government employee by work, an artist by choice, a writer by passion and a homemaker by love and fate. Bronze medallist in a state level essay competition by the vice-president of India. District topper in English. Her crafts have been published by few online journals. Also selected by an international fashion magazine for an upcoming issue.