My Most Precious Find

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A soulful by Madhumita.

The seaside called
and I went there
The sands laid a bed for me
the casuarina trees lined up
cooled me fanning with their leaves
I did not sleep
The sea beckoned me
The waves rushed ashore
Come, come with us
there’s treasure hidden for you there
in mid sea
Afraid of water, I retreated
farther into land
The waters were faster and convincing
and overpowered, entranced,
I sailed out
Supine on the sea
borne aloft by the cradling waves
I sailed on through the night
in search of joy
Deep down I reached
and an lay there, I saw                                         
a glistening piece of beauty
that called out to me to hold
and I touched
And it opened
And rainbow filled the watery kingdom
as dawn lit up the universe
above and deep down below
And the prince who lay within smiled
I am
I am yours
Take me home
the glistening pearl sang
Decades have passed
I have the pearl with me
framed in the gold of
a pendant
nestled on my chest
next to my heart.

©Madhumita Ghosh

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Madhumita Ghosh

Madhumita Ghosh

Professor Dr. Madhumita Ghosh is also a poet and editor. Her poems have been widely published in print, e-books, journals and magazines all over the world.She has authored four poetry books titled For All You Lovely People, Pebbles On The Shore, Flowing with the River and My Poetry My , and also William Blake; A Prophet for Mankind, a critical study on the British poet. Madhumita has presently a novel and a book of short stories are in the pipeline.
Madhumita Ghosh

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