My Most Precious Find

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A soulful by Madhumita.

The seaside called
and I went there
The sands laid a bed for me
the casuarina trees lined up
cooled me fanning with their leaves
I did not sleep
The sea beckoned me
The waves rushed ashore
Come, come with us
there’s treasure hidden for you there
in mid sea
Afraid of , I retreated
farther into land
The waters were faster and convincing
and overpowered, entranced,
I sailed out
Supine on the sea
borne aloft by the cradling waves
I sailed on through the night
in search of joy
Deep down I reached
and an lay there, I saw                                         
a glistening piece of beauty
that called out to me to hold
and I touched
And it opened
And colours filled the watery kingdom
as dawn lit up the universe
above and deep down below
And the prince who lay within smiled
I am
I am yours
Take me home
the glistening sang
Decades have passed
I have the pearl with me
framed in the gold of love
a pendant
nestled on my chest
next to my .

©Madhumita Ghosh

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Professor Dr. Madhumita Ghosh is also a poet and editor. Her poems have been widely published in print, e-books, journals and magazines all over the world. She has authored four poetry books titled For All You Lovely People, Pebbles On The Shore, Flowing with the River and My Poetry My Voice, and also William Blake; A Prophet for Mankind, a critical study on the British poet. Madhumita has presently a novel and a book of short stories are in the pipeline.