Mumma, Never Let me go Away!

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An evocative poem about a child speaking to its mother, by Ritambhara, in Different Truths.

The warmth of your arms defines my world

The care you give is untold

When you are away, I go astray

Mumma O’ Mumma! Please never let me go away.


Unsafe is the world, I am unable to judge

Take me to the world you dwelled

When even the stranger could be relied upon

I can’t differentiate the hysterical foe in the mystical friend

Who should I rely upon, when I am away

Mumma o’ Mumma! Please never let me go away.


The world is beautiful I know

Some miscreants can’t steal its beauty

Hold my hand down the lane

Every little thing I would share

Mumma o’ Mumma! Please never let me go away.

© Ritambhara Kumari Upadhyay

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A Panjab University, IIT- Roorkee, and IIRS-ISRO alumnus, academician, and researcher, Ritambhara is a writer by choice. Her passion for reading and writing has impelled her to foray into the world of writing. As a freelance writer and editor, she loves to pen-down whatever comes to her mind. She staunchly believes, “Truth doesn’t admit any impediments.”