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Monsoon of Life

A sensuous poem celebrating monsoon from Deeya.

The thread of life 
in vigilant eyes
Evokes beauty
Euphoria walks about
in a threadbare reality
monsoons overhauled in backpack of worldliness 
smothers ceaseless efforts
of obeisant hunger. 

The navel of summer
touched by chords of oppression
rang far into a whirlpool of memoirs 
and cascaded in crystal clarity. 

©Deeya Bhattacharya


An Indefinite Truth

A poignant prose-poem by Deeya.

An indefinite truth looms large, a harmony in the pitter-patter of showers engulfs the
bitterness in the dusty Hawthorn bushes. The deep caress vital to life once is abhorred now.
Its faint smell nauseates. The enigma corrodes. The lovely terrace offers no escape to the
tangerine sun, a newly wedded bride. Nearby the brick kiln gives birth to offence scorches
my palm. It twists the nemesis. The blisters are the gateway to the gorging wound in my
ventricles. I plagiarise the lashing rain to smoothen my cracked nipples, chapped soul and the
lethal womb.

©Deeya Bhattacharya

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