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An intense and powerful woman-centric verse by Ipsita, for Different Truths.

This world around me
Hold me up; Turns me round
Pulls and pushes me down
And just as I start frowning at it
I look up and see the stars
And smell the salty sea
My lungs fill up
My lips curve into a smile

I remember the days
Of green simplicity
Blue Skies and fluffy clouds
Conch shells; The beat of drums
The red gulmohur; Sweeping boughs
Carpets of red On the ground
Like a streak of red sindoor
Reassuring, Laudable; Beautiful
A signature of sort
A signature of love
A signature of promise.

And Promise it held out
Those times; That life
That other life; Then…

The years have passed
Gone in a flash; A blink
As I look back

And then I look around
The sky remains blue
With some gray
Slightly more dignified
Shall we say?

The clouds have taken many hues
I look around and in the sky
I see the stars glittering diamonds

They are cold and hard
But inordinately beautiful.

The sea…blue sea or its distinct green
It hits against the coastal rocks
With more gusto than before
Fast. Furious. Never ending
It remains…

The clear colours
Are a little more mixed
Like feelings.
What has emerged
Is a new shade
A new shape
The Rock chiselled somewhat more.

©Ipsita Ganguli

Feature Painting: Henry Asencio, 1972 ~ Essence of Woman 

Insert Painting: Before The Dance Anna Razumovskaya

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A Hotelier by profession who believes in offering memories to her guests~and the charm of being a tiny part of the stories of their lives. A student of the myriad experiences that life holds out and believing that there is never any stop to learning. Above all, A people’s person relishing a connect with a variety of lives. Ipsita writes because She Must. Because there is no other way for her.