Love’s Labour

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There is something so divine about a women laboring to give birth. It is, as if she is working with  to create life. But does she indeed have a choice? A poignant poem by Tripti.

Often as I see,
A women labouring
In and pain.
I wonder…
What is she here to gain?
Why is she here, holding her tears?
A result of love!
Or lust that cost her dear!

And then I look at him,
That man holding her near.
Wiping her sweat,
Trying to draw away her fears.
Is it guilt that makes him stand
Amongst so much blood,
The pushes and the demands!
Or is it love for the
That keeps him here,
In this no man’s land.
Restless himself, but holding her hand!
I hope it’s not just to prove a point!

Well there’s no harm!
But to hold your
In your arms,
To see it snuggle close,
Should not have lost the charm.
So even as you do your bit,
To your specie and the rest of it,
I hope this is what it’s all about.
Despite the pain that
It has actually brought!

Suddenly shaken                                          
Out of my reverie,
And out of my rueful thoughts,
There is a painful shrill
And a jubilant shout!
As love laboured and finally sighed,
Life has opened its beautiful eyes!

Oh yes! The baby has arrived!
Beyond the deeds of past,
The struggle and strife,
The future has shrieked and cried,
Once again, love has fought,
Won and survived!

©Tripti Sharan

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Dr. Tripti Sharan

Dr. Tripti Sharan

Tripti is a practising gynaecologist at BLK Super Speciality Hospital,New Delhi. Many of her writings are influenced by the pain and suffering she sees as a .Her forthcoming book ‘The Chronicles of a Gynaecologist’ is being published by Bloomsbury India. She also has an anthology of poems,‘The Dewdrops..a journey begins’. She contributes poems and stories to many publications.
Dr. Tripti Sharan

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