Lost Realm

Here’s a poem by Aishwarya that depicts the trial and tribulations of life’s journey and the final destination, for Different Truths.

I feel at times

I am not me

Who can it be,

If I am not me?


I feel at times

my realm, I seek

If it isn’t with me;

Where else can it be?


I feel at times

I want to break free

Am I so bound

that I cannot break free?


As I seek to find

What’s my true

I walk under skies

gray n’ blue


I see I hear,

I touch, I feel

I sift the unreal

from the real


Boundless and bare

lies my realm there

Where fear is a myth

and hatred a rare


The day I leave

all my pains behind

my true purpose in life

I will surely find.

©Aishwarya Damodar

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