Inverse World!

Sunila Khemchandani

Sunila Khemchandani

Sunila Khemchandani, a double graduate from India, now based in the Canary Islands, has several poems published in international English anthologies like Synthesis - Duet Anthology, Umbilical Cords, Aquarelle -Wall 6, Selfhood, etc. Her poems have been highly recommended. She’s a winner of the Reuel International prize for Writing and Literature, 2016, for fiction and best annual poet, 2008, in Her anthology, ‘The Virtual Reality’ with seven poets awaits its release.
Sunila Khemchandani

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Here’s a by Sunila, where everything is topsy-turvy. Head and legs change positions and the heart inverse the , for .

Imagine the heart to inverse
All the blood would go to your legs
Blood would reach all organs
Everything would be reversed

Legs would be head and head the legs
So would be your eyes, ears and nose
Together with head all reversed
Would the legs work like the brain does

Wonder if the world be inversed
Where would the sky be in that case
Would the oceans rain ceaseless
Clouds floating halos around heads

There’d be no need to fly as birds
As sky would be ours and all wings
Flying in the vastness, land so far
No need for land and less of wars

As there would be two legs as heads
They’d be occupied with each other
Heads rolling, no time to bother
As the legs would be placed in air

Man would walk less and fly ever
He would think different and clear
There would be peace everywhere
How would be this world!

©Sunila Khemchandani

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