Indelible Kiss

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An and love by Alok, where he sees various elements of in love. It inspires the lover in him. Here’s his verse, in Different Truths.

Golden beams of the setting sun
Descend from heaven upon the great ocean;
And embracing the frisky waves,
As if never to be parted,
Giving an eternal token of love.

The vast bare firmament
Yielding himself
Up to the love of crazy earth,
On the horizon,
Caresses his new bride
In enchanting attire.

On the beach,
Hugging you tight,
With my trembling
Leave on your soft shiny ones a mark,
Never to be deleted.

©Alok Mishra

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Alok Mishra

Alok Mishra

Born in India in 1981, an award-winning poet, Alok Mishra has been writing poems since a very young age. He is a teacher by profession. He loves to write poems replete with divinity and romance.
Alok Mishra

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