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Geethanjali identifies with nature in the evocative poem. A Romantic at heart, she talks about allowing to blossom in their beauty and strength. Here’s her poem of hope and tolerance exclusively for Different Truths.

Take your time.

I will take mine too.

I am a seed that sits in the dirt.

I wait to push myself through the curve and crust of struggles.

But that does not intimidate me.

What intimidates me is that I will be judged.

I am a flower yet to blossom but the huge tree dwells in my soul.

I’m working on it to spread the canopy of lush foliage asking for nothing in return.

I look forward to the rain and and sunshine to nurture me.

Will keep your axe far from crippling my loftiness?

I need to become a tree that gives shade, a home for nesting birds, a muse for artists.

But will you make your home by razing me to the ground before that?

I am a seed that holds an entire forest of word foliage…a soul sparkles in my nothingness.

Give me the time to bloom and sing hymns of gratitude to .

As I do that will you stop teaching me to flower a certain way?

First of all bloom your own petals that hold an eternal fragrance of cosmic .

Then nod to me in gusts that blow us all over as we get strewn in alien lands.

I will see you there in colours never meant to fade away through endless seasons.

I know you are that seed too.

©Geethanjali Dilip

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Geethanjali Dilip

Geethanjali Dilip

Geethanjali Dilip celebrates life through her soul's expression in poetry. Her first published anthology is 'Between Moms and Sons' co-authored with Aakash Sagar. She contributes to many online pages and communities in Facebook. Her pages on Facebook are Alcove ATMA and Geethatmaa. She heads Zone Francofone, a French Coaching/ Teaching center at Salem, India.
Geethanjali Dilip

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