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Geethanjali identifies with nature in the evocative . A Romantic at heart, she talks about allowing souls to blossom in their beauty and strength. Here’s her of hope and tolerance exclusively for .

Take your time.

I will take mine too.

I am a seed that sits in the dirt.

I wait to push myself through the curve and crust of .

But that does not intimidate me.

What intimidates me is that I will be judged.

I am a flower yet to blossom but the huge tree dwells in my soul.

I’m working on it to spread the canopy of lush asking for nothing in return.

I look forward to the and and sunshine to nurture me.

Will keep your axe far from crippling my loftiness?

I need to become a tree that gives shade, a home for nesting birds, a muse for artists.

But will you make your home by razing me to the ground before that?

I am a seed that holds an entire forest of word foliage…a soul sparkles in my nothingness.

Give me the time to bloom and sing hymns of gratitude to .

As I do that will you stop teaching me to flower a certain way?

First of all bloom your own petals that hold an eternal fragrance of cosmic magnitude.

Then nod to me in gusts that blow us all over as we get strewn in alien lands.

I will see you there in colours never meant to fade away through endless .

I know you are that seed too.

©Geethanjali Dilip

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Geethanjali Dilip

Geethanjali Dilip

Geethanjali Dilip celebrates life through her soul's expression in poetry. Her first published anthology is 'Between Moms and Sons' co-authored with Aakash Sagar. She contributes poems to many online pages and communities in Facebook. Her pages on Facebook are Alcove ATMA and Geethatmaa. She heads Zone Francofone, a French Coaching/ Teaching center at Salem, India.
Geethanjali Dilip

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