In November

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An evocative poem about the winter knocking at the door by Sunila, rich in captivating imagery and brilliant metaphors, for Different Truths.

No more hot air, just scents around

Cool breeze rendering stress unbound

If chill hurts new embers you’ll need

Does Nov mean a new (novo) seed

New embers assure warmth at home

Chimneys dusted well to let out smoke

Receding sun cuts short the day

Sunsets weave a huge shawl scarlet

Do you see birds rush to build nests

Squirrels hoarding nuts in tree chests

Bears stealing honey from bee hive

Clever mechanism to survive

Don’t step on wood frogs under leaves

In torpor skunks, bats and poor wills

Wise nature welcoming winter

Memories tiptoe with November

©Sunila Khemchandani

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Sunila Khemchandani, a double graduate from India, now based in the Canary Islands, has several poems published in international English anthologies like Synthesis – Duet Anthology, Umbilical Cords, Aquarelle -Wall 6, Selfhood, etc. Her poems have been highly recommended. She’s a winner of the Reuel International prize for Writing and Literature, 2016, for fiction and best annual poet, 2008, in Her anthology, ‘The Virtual Reality’ with seven poets awaits its release.