If Only

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Men often fail to see what women would have liked them to observe and understand. Here’s such anguish by Meenakshi, in this evocative verse, in Different Truths.  

He was enchanted to see the swell of my bosom,
Only if he could see the desires buried in my heart
He admired my pretty face and my plump pink lips
Only if he knew the ways to bring
Careless laughter there

He loved my fair glowing skin
Only if he could touch my soul deep
Often he relished the favourite dishes I cooked
Only if sometimes he could hold those hands
My hands, toiled and waiting forever to be held on a walk

He was proud to possess me as a glowing jewel
Only if he could see the rays of sun within me

He loved me to talk, like a newspaper daily
Only if he listened those things which I never said
He praised me being a strong mother
Only if he could see the vulnerable girl
He loved me in a way love should be
Only if he loved in the way where love could be.


©Meenakshi M. Singh

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Meenakshi M. Singh is an author of three books Soulful Symphony, Aawaz and I am Enough. She is also the founder of creativeHappiness and SheTheShakti Inc. – Woman Empowerment Center, an IT professional, theater actress, mentor, mother of twin daughters and a home maker. She is conferred with the much reputed Karamveer Chakra Award, REX Global Fellowship, Magicka Women’s Achiever’s Award, Pride of Women Award by the Aagaman Group and the SashaktNari Parishad — Pride of Nation Award for her contribution.