I Suffer for only Sawdust

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The suffering of the poet is insignificant – the metaphor sawdust reminds us of TS Eliot. Like Abhimanyu of Mahabharata, his knowledge is pre-natal. This poem, for Different Truths, operates at many levels, encompassing the complexities of life, rebirths, pain and death.

I suffer for only sawdust
My knowledge is pre-natal
of restlessness, and

The block I’m chipping
flakes its skin

What is flight, of
spark, of

I know the giddiness,
the pulse jumps.

thrice, twice –
the reluctance to
remember the furrows.

Spring die deep,
the banyan tree does not flower
I see throats moving
and I hear sounds.

A dozen lives later
diamonds burn 
like cinders.

The talk of 
being killed by pain, or
by anger, is to talk

If times and of

©Ashoka Jahnavi Prasad

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Ashoka Jahnavi Prasad is a physician /psychiatrist holding doctorates in pharmacology, history and philosophy plus a higher doctorate. He is also a qualified barrister and geneticist. He is a regular columnist in several newspapers, has published over 100 books and has been described by the Cambridge News as the ‘most educationally qualified in the world’.