I Love my Sips of Sorrow

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A lyrical poem by Arun, that’s inward-looking, in Different Truths.

I love my sips of sorrow

For, when they get in,

They engulf me in a cocoon

That happiness must sweat

To break.


I love my sips of sorrow

For, they send me to a trance

And help me have

Soulful talks with my estranged self, thus

Assembling the motley of selves in me.


I love my sips of sorrow

For they enrich me with tears

Helping me determine

The breadth and weight

Of my relationship.


I love my sips of sorrow

For, they purge me of

The brimming emotions

That may wreak havoc

To my composed self

If nourished longer. 

©Arun Dash 

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Arun Dash works as a Senior Technical Author for AVEVA India based in Hyderabad. An alumnus of the prestigious Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, he keeps an active interest in literature and is an avid blogger.