I have to do a Lot of Chores

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An inward-looking, poignant verse, by Ayub, for Different Truths. 

Someone plucked out my lashes,

And twisted them into a cord,

Then fastened my dreams,

With the same cord,

And imprisoned,

Into the dark cell of my own torso.


Nothing is perceptible in blackness,

But a glow resembling a drop of blood,

In the twinkle of which these dreams

Like grim shadows cling to arcs of my chest,

And wait for to get released.


But I have to do yet a lot of chores,

I don’t have time to see my own eyes sans lashes,

The world spreads all around me,

There are thousands of chores I have to perform,

But I am alone.


I stand stunned

For moments of life are slipping away

From my fist just as sand slips grain by grain,

Hands are becoming empty.


I have to do yet a lot of chores,

Like an old shepherd,

I have to yet lead the flock of this eve

To the farm of yellow morn,

I have to see lest a petty star from my flock

Should vanish into the dust of

Blind journey, stretched to the skies.


I have to do yet a lot of chores,

I have to get released feet of my fellow beings

From the grip of shoes made of mud,

I have to harvest yet the crop of thirst

Sown in throats of the people of bygone seasons,

And clad in the dress of roses

Some brunette beings.

O! My imprisoned dreams,

I have no time to get you released

For I have to do yet a lot of chores.

 ©Ayub Kahwar

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Ayub Khawar is one of the most renowned contemporary poets/writers from Pakistan. He has given his remarkable services in Pakistan Television Industry. He was honored by the Pride of Performance award from the government of Pakistan. Recently, he has been awarded “Cross of Peace” 2016, “Stars of the World” 2017 award by The World Union of Poets and “World Institute of Peace” award 2017 by The World Institute of Peace Nigeria.