I Do Not Know if this Feeling will ever Go Away

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A poignant and intense love poem by Nikita. She asks difficult questions in the soulful verse in Different Truths.

I do not know if this feeling will ever go away,
The Guilt of not slicing myself into pieces
or everyone that ever walked in my Life.
I give my Soul away to anyone who shows me
a little concern , a caring word or a hug.
I value People. I treasure Relationships.
I always give more than what I get
But…until when.
Love has its own limits
Rivers dry up one day.
Trees wither and die.
Sun, too shall be gone one day.

Alas, I am a breathing human.
I need love like others,
Maybe a little more
Do not Stay at all,
If you have to walk away one day.
Do not expect me to move mountains for you,
If you cannot walk a few steps for me
Do not Judge what I do
If you aren’t a Saint yourself.
Stop pretending
If you don’t love me anymore.

I am getting too Old to carry around my neck
the weight of fake relationships
Walk away if you want,
Stay if you have to.
Do what pleases you.


©Nikita Goel

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Nikita Goel is a Texas-based writer. She is actively associated with Aagaman Literary and Cultural Society’s English Publications. She has worked as the managing editor for Purple Hues. She has co-authored three books. Her poems have been published in five anthologies. She has been featured online on Readomania, Aagaman -The Arrival, Writers e-zine, Writing Geeks, Literary and Creativity Magazine. Her blog, Enchantress, has been adjudged India’s best blog for three consecutive years.