I am Thinking

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Devesh imagines a beautiful and wishes it is true, in the verse, for Different Truths. 

I’m thinking

So I’m a thinker

I ‘m

So I’m a writer

And my imagination reaches far…

Beyond the sun…

I ‘m crafting

So I’m craft’s man


Not able to rebuild this world

A world of unique


Peace and love

Humanity with bond of relationship

May exist

A world of


Hatred and terror

May not enter

A world like the

May exist


All cooperate lovingly

With the feeling of


And Motherhood

A world where all may eat together

A unique world

In my imagination


And I become happy 

How sweet it will be

If that’s the reality?

©Devesh Chandra Mishra

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Devesh Chandra Mishra

Devesh Chandra Mishra

A Maths graduate from Chandigarh, Devesh Chandra Mishra is proficient in Hindi, English, Urdu, and Malayalam. His published books are Anthologies Feelings International volume 1&2 (published from the USA), Flowing Poetry (English), Aasman chhoone chala hoon, Meri Preet, Shabaman ke phool, Shairon ki mahaphil, Indra dhanush, indra karmuk (Hindi). Poems published in national and International journals and ezines. He is fond of reading, writing, painting, travelling, cooking,and making good friends.
Devesh Chandra Mishra

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