Homage to Mahatma

Manthena pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi, in this verse, in Different Truths.

I never witnessed the great soul in person 
Sensing his peace campaign in its version 
 Paying heed to study of his core principle 
I certainly emerged as his distant disciple 

I feel his soul speaking to me with a vision 
He relished visions during his life in prison 
Jealousy blazing in hearts devoured peace 
Gunning his lofty life breaking hearts apiece

I learnt from his teachings opulent optimism
Erasing perceptions of pestering pessimism 
Yearning to learn keeping the mind at. peace 
We can find peace in the world at great pace

Any man can rise to phenomenal  prominence 
Cherishing lofty ideas of resplendent relevance 
He can realise the rarest dreams with  devotion 
Conveying a great message for their promotion

Rank opportunism never helps persons in need 
We should destroy with service its sinister seed 
Let us nurture mercy uprooting gruesome greed 
Then we can be on the forefront to take all lead 

Let us end all disparities for welfare of mankind 
Rendering our sincere service with a great mind 
As genuine disciples of great souls of the world 
We can keep all their scintillating stories retold.  

©Manthena Damodara Chary

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