Her World

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Here’s a fantasy poem, bordering on nonsense verse, for children, by Sudeshna, for Different Truths.

She would often find herself

Battling gnomes and funny elves

She would battle with demons and rogues

Riding high on sturdy brown brogues

Her horse would often change shapes

Growing wings and wearing capes

They would often fly into space

Plucking stars, setting galactic space

The forest they would frequently forage

For adventure amidst green foliage

T he river she would regularly swim

On giant Hilsa’s silvery fins

She would gallop towards the sun

Trapping its radiation only for fun

Atop the ice clad Himalayan Mountains

Open the sluice gate of milky fountain

She would right all the wrongs

Almost before the dinner gong

She would unequivocally escape into fanciful flights

An only child fully equipped to deal with her plight.

©Sudeshna Mukherjee

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Sudeshna Mukherjee was born in Kolkata but grew up in the beautiful Jharkhand (Ranchi) and it was here that she learnt to admire and appreciate Nature. Educated from Loreto Convent and St Xavier’s College, she majored in Economics. She always contributed articles and stories for magazines. Post marriage she moved to Mumbai, a cultural melting pot – here she observed, absorbed and assimilated. Sensitive and emotional, her journey in her Poemotions continues to grow…