heart of things

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Michele connects with nature in an evocative poem, for Earth Day, exclusively for Different Truths.

“do you know,” I wrote,

trailing words behind my finger in the rich, loose loam,

“anything about the promise of Earth Day?”


the wind whispered and whirled, winsome, around me,

and I sifted some of my garden’s brown dirt from my hand

for joy of feeling connected


but, although the breezes beguiled

with wondrous scents of soil, blossom, and sky,

no words of answer were forthcoming


until I saw, nodding gently, the pollen-flecked heart

of a single, unassuming flower,

among the many, each and all offering promise of life’s sweetness

to butterfly, bee, and any others who sought to see


and I understood

©Michele Baron

Painting by the poet

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Michele Baron, world-traveler/Fulbright Scholar presently living in Kyrgyzstan, published A Modest Menu: Poverty, Hunger and Food Security, in Poetry and Prose, in 2015. A World Bank/Urgent Evoke-2010 top-ten-finalist, she develops outreach projects, writes poetry, prose, and non-fiction, is an active musician, painter, artist and “full-time” mother of three school-aged children. She has a self-illustrated book The Dreaming Rugs awaiting publication.