He is a Born Artist

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Subhajit describes a born artist in this verse.

He is a born artist
with colors red and green,
full of jollity and vibrancy,
to paint a new day,
fill in colors in a way…
a new tomorrow’s artist.

He is a born artist                                                            
with inborn thrill to spin…
a new earth, free from bugging,
with ethics bestowed in heaps;
innocence in his bright eyes…
the lowly soil’s optimist.

He is the soil’s beloved,
to make pots of earthen bud
to blossom in future’s lap…
with naked tongues, they steal
the virtues of sunny days,
in pages green and white.

He is the bird of dawn                                       
to awaken the gone,
Once in the natural inheritance,
forgotten in blessing of oblivion.                               
To sing the of comfort…
a voice not caught by plight.

He is the simplicity of world
whose smile heals all scars,
whose touch clears all dust,
whose words have no webbed fuss.
he is the demon’s fear.
a journey incessant to carry on.

He is the Supreme’s baby
to draw the splendid scenario,                                                  
sketch the of
untouched by all that is muddy.
He is the tune that when joined
creates a , pleasant to sing on.

He is a born artist.
Yes! He is the born artist!
In whom born the lotus
with peace of soul and
when I see his face, his smile.
He is just a little child.

©Subhajit Sanyal

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Subhajit Sanyal

Subhajit Sanyal

Born in October, Subhajit is an open minded soul of 19. A son of Bengal, Subhajit belongs to a small town, Purulia. He has completed his schooling in 2015, May, when he begun scribbling as a hobby, affected by all that is happening in his surroundings. He is fond of reading, writing, music and photography, solely dedicated to writing and learning. He began writing by chance but now, is a wanderer by choice.
Subhajit Sanyal

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