Grow Young with me

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Ashok celebrates the youth of literature in this , in Different .

Enjoy life don’t ignore

Beauty of whole

Search the best vision of life


Literature has greatness

Well planned trustworthy

The sea is before us

Be cool feel faith of sea


Ah! Love literature grow young

Along with me always new

Yes! I that stars are here

You are soul enjoy words

Words of heart and soul


Wisest bless all but wait

Genius is with you

Come I followed their path

I dream for you


There will be glory

Glory of your new thoughts

Win the heart and soul

of these pearls.

©Ashok Kumar Verma

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Ashok Kumar Verma

Ashok Kumar Verma

Ashok Kumar Verma worked as a Head of the Department of English for many schools of CBSE Board. He has composed many poems in English and in Hindi. An International poet, he was awarded at national and international levels. He has written many research articles for various newspapers and research magazines. Based at Baghpat, he writes poems for World Unions of Poets Indian Parliament of Literature. He is the follower of peace, humanity and brotherhood.
Ashok Kumar Verma

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