Gnostic Sagacity

In this poem, Anca transcends her smaller self to realise her larger self. She moves from the person she is to the truth she seeks.

I am the seeker
of the finding the gnosis
of my Name!…

Speak to You
with the voice of many,
while you voice my Name
and name my Voice…

I am the spaceless sound
caught inside an infinite noun,
in which the ear of the ear
hear the heart of the hearts,
the Truth of the untruth!…

You are the One,                                                 qigong-yin-yang
the Knower of my knowing
the speechmaker of my utterances
the petitioner of my adulations…

I am the Self,
multiple manifestations of multitudes,
a dualistic unity immanently within itself,
the Life-ying, the Reality-yang!…

within you…
without you…

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