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Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma is working with the NGO, 'Sparsh...Touching Lives', at Varanasi, as a president. This year, he has participated in national workshops on 'Role of Higher Education in the Development of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship in India' in Institute of Management Studies & 'Development Dialogue 2016' in Swatantrata Bhawan Auditorium, B.H.U., Varanasi. His compositions are published in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Durgesh Verma

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remain and often becomes part of our identity. Here’s a by Durgesh, for , where he takes the ‘ within’ to emerge enriched.

A Lotus blooms 
on the sediment of memories.
An old is the real owner 
of those golden .

By remembering those glimpse
he goes in past.
Where –
He laughs. 
He weeps. 
He plays.
He runs fast.

With each wrinkles 
of upcoming waves of time. 
We’ll too reach there 
with melodious rhyme.

But a soreness among inner peace 
which we’ve felt.
A shiver  
which can’t be melt.

A gust of wind 
changes the direction of our thought.
Though, the among us exist. 
Yet, our attitude of viewing the life is rot.

Here, I would like 
to stop my muse. 
Let’s decide, which the path 
you need to choose.

Till then, take care 
of those soft petals red. 
it may soon fade.


©Durgesh Verma

Photo from the Internet.