Gaze Across the Shore

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Sarala describes in great detail the goings-on at the seashore. While most things are transient, gazing across the shore is meditative. Here’s a poignant verse celebrating the beauty of nature, in Different Truths.

All ’s craftsmanship
Can you see the tidal the shore
Amazingly they recede too fast
sitting and watching
Clapping hands and laughing
See the seashells and pebbles
Lying on the shore
On the shiny sand
The children on the go
Picking many
Packing in boxes
Taking home to play
The lovers writing on the sand
Their love eternal
But some are washed away
By the tidal waves!
Some are building castles
On the shiny sands
Ah! Again the angry waves
Wipe them out soon!
See the youngsters
In their lovely swimsuits
Showing their figures
The old and young alike
All playing on the shore
And many dare to go into
The mid-sea!
The setting sun casting a
Beautiful orange
The most beautiful scene
God has created!
Gaze across the shore
For a calm and peaceful
Enjoy the shore to the ultimate! 


 ©Sarala Balachandran

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Sarala Balachandran

Sarala Balachandran

Sarala Balachandran was working with an import-export organisation in the administrative department for 38 years. She retired eleven years back. Married, with two sons aged 43 and 36, she took interest in writing recently. She writes free verses.
Sarala Balachandran

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