Ganges Satori / Oarsman

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Bruce celebrates the beauty of Ganges, in Benares (Varanasi), in his two poems here. In the first poem, he is speechless by the magnificence of the river as mother. In the second poem, an ancient oarsman reveals the many mysteries. While temples rise and fall, Ganges flows on.

Ganges Satori

There is so much beauty here

My eyes cannot absorb

Nor tongue describe

The Ganges at Benares

Mother calling to her sidlings


Come along now

Get in step with Mother Ganges.

©Bruce Dodson



Creaking oarlocks take us out

Into the pale fog mist

This holy river


Ancient oarsman rowing

Slowly . . . without effort

Drifting with the current

Muddy vein of life


Mother of the world. 


Great cities come and go along her shore

He tells me

Mighty temples rise up over centuries

Adoring God

Then fall to earth 

Forsaken by him

As this water

Passes by


©Bruce Dodson

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Bruce Louis Dodson is an American expat living in Borlänge, Sweden, where he writes fiction and poetry. Some of his most recent work has appeared in: Foreign & Far Away – Writers Abroad Anthology, Sleeping Cat Books – Trip of a Lifetime Anthology, Northern Liberties Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Tic Toc, and Storm Cycle Anthologies – Kind of a Hurricane Press, Vine Leaves, and Cordite Poetry Review.