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Amrinder pens a on the occasion of the exclusively for Different Truths. 

Why do eagle wheel over
The ramparts of Red Fort?
Why do vultures perch, in
Patient wait over treetops?
Is it over the carcass of freedom
That they stake their claim?
Surely she can’t be dead yet
Thought she lies in a sorry state.
Terrorists take liberties with life.
Politicians with their chairs.
Gamblers stake her very soil
Brokers, sell her bit by bit.
Freedom for riots, arson and loot
The common man demands.
has invaded freely
A land freed from foreign rule.
My I beseech
From slumbers of apathy
Termites hollow our homes
And the edifice crumbles.
Before rats gnaw our granaries
And people starve to death.
Rise before the eagles swoop
And vultures move in to peck
Rise, my countrymen, I beseech
Before it is too late.

©Kaur Bajaj

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Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj is a practicing gynaecologist and the HOD Obs & Gynae at MAX Hospital Pitampura, Delhi. is a passion that has led to the publication of two wellness books, a book of poems, a joke book, and a memoir based on her association with the noted Indian author and columnist Khushwant Singh. She regularly writes columns, articles, travelogues, and short stories for magazines and newspapers and has contributed chapters to text books.
Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

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