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Here are four poems on Syria, which, we regret, could not be included in The Anthology on Peace, as these were received after the closure of deadline of submissions. Since contest is on, late inclusion was not possible. The four prominent poets, Luz María López, Kiren Babal, Monika Ajay Kaul and Kilasho Michael Seun graciously allowed us to publish their verses as stand-alone pieces. The title has been inspired by Luz Maria’s poem. Read these exclusively in Different Truths.

#1. Syria for all

Syria deserves a sky
its people inhabiting the land
the revelry in the streets
laughter in the eyes
bread and milk
the green plantation
jasmine blooming in pots
the irrefutable balm
of knowing themselves as
inhabitants of a peace.

Syria deserves hands
children writing in notebooks
the lettering for tomorrow
mothers nourishing a caress in
thousands of candid faces
fathers invoking the livelihood of a generation
secretly longing that they become the lineage
of the land that has given its soil
to ennoble humanity.

Syria deserves the fresh air
that widens tricolored flags
undulating ennobled harmonies
in chests singing to the glory
of the country which saw them be born.

Syria deserves galloping rivers
running between the crevices of the earth
which roots the harvest
a white clouds’ sky
Allah’s heralding pigeons.

Syria deserves a song
the music of the days
the notes of the voices
the key of a sun
the arpeggio of the nights
calm under the covers of bodies
sleeping but not silenced
by bullets or gas.

Syria deserves to live.

 ©Luz María López


# 2. Syria: Rise and Shine


Ah! The darker side of science

In the name of development

Bombs and Nuclear bombs

The prized possessions.


Graffiti on the wall

As if power at stake

Barbaric Tyrant rulers

Torturing in the name of control.


Innocent youths dragged from homes

People out in the streets

Fighting for their release

Justice only their plea.


The black smoke, the shelling,

Helicopters opening fire, helter-skelter,


Heart-wrenching wails,

Rise up the sky.

Human dignity, crushed, snuffed in a blood bath.

The world watches in horror

The plight of Syrians, a deadly death.


Little children, orphaned for life,

Tears buried, seeing ravaged sights,

Their pass time now searching things in rubble

That might be put to use.


In the darkest of the days,

Rays of hope will thrive back again,

Women now teach kids, imparting education,

Survivors of the future.

Syrians, now have learned to survive, helping each other.


The bloodbath, the massacre.

It will stop, it has to stop,

For people themselves

Will bring peace to the land.

©Kiren Babal


 #3. When Heart Bleeds!

And ‘The Paradise in Crimson’!

Saffron still grows colourless from
the lifeless Soil waiting for
the colour of hope!

A House of Death still remains
Intact; evoking the disquieting

A new flock of birds takes
a disabled flight with wounded wings …
Life goes on!

The whole World recalls and then overlooks
the soreness day after day…
till… the present day!”

©Monika Ajay Kaul


 #4. The Call

The sundews her rays down on mother earth

and we became blessed by her incomparable light.

Nevertheless, the ways of men chattered her encompassion,

As the wailing of the innocent cries to mother earth.

And the dead came to me,

the days when the rain became acids and burnt us to death,

Days when living was dreadful,

When death was the only way to survive.

Save us! Save us!! Loud cries from Sheol bemoan me!

Fight for us! women and children wailed to my ears.

To fight against this revolting act is became my only chance for peace.

To speak against an act that deprived humanity from peace,

Against a body that was against her people,

To set the souls of the victim in Sheol free again.

Till then, will my pen stand firm to save humanity!

©Kilasho Michael Seun

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Luz Maria Lopez: Published poet, a narrator, translator, editor of four international anthologies and advocate. Luz María López’s poetry has been translated into many languages and published in world-renowned literary magazines and books. She leads the “World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights” (WM) and is Intercontinental Director for World Festival of Poetry (WFP-CED). She is an international traveller participating in many Poetry Festivals and Literary Congresses. Received the Khatak Literary Award 2017. She is the editor of “An Anthology of Poems on Autism Awareness” (Different Truths). She is from Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Island.

Kiren Babal: A Graduate in Psychology(Hons), Kiren Babal has a flair for writing both in English and Hindi. She has dabbled many shades with creativity. Be it doing plays in AIR, teaching in schools, theater, writing scripts, short stories for children etc, alive .the focus remained in keeping her alive.To her credit, she has 13 children books, and five Anthologies in English poetry.

Monika Ajay KaulBorn in the Breathtakingly Beautiful Vale of Kashmir, Monika Ajay Kaul has had her schooling done there. A Post-Graduate in Business Management from New Delhi, an Academician by profession.She is passionate about writing poetry and short stories. An avid reader, mostly biographies and autobiographies of World Artists and Writers. Currently a full-time toiling mother. Besides writing, she is a painter too. Giving wings to her imagination through Beautiful Colors and Wuthering Words. As she has rightlyput it into words, “Give wings to your imagination..and let your ingenuity fly..!”

Kilasho Michael SeunKilasho Michael Seun is a graduate of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He is a teacher by profession and loves to write on different perspective of life. He enjoys singing and writes songs. He believes life can only be found in the light of God. He loves meeting new people of different profession and likes to see and explore the world.

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